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You are not my project.

I had a huge epiphany this morning about why self-proclaimed "social justice warriors," such as myself, are often negatively received by the people they spend the most time with. You know, the groans. "Ughh, are you talking about that again?" "Seriously!? How is there a problem with this?" The defensiveness. "Stop attacking me!" "I don't… Continue reading You are not my project.


My lack of faith in the establishment is anything but apathy.

Before 2015, I was more or less apathetic about election politics.  I was an Obama supporter, but was registered as an Independent and, except for watching the occasional debate, did not pay a lot of attention to 'politics,' especially not on a local level.  At that time, my impression of 'politics' was that it was… Continue reading My lack of faith in the establishment is anything but apathy.

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Why I am no longer a “New Ager”

This morning an email landed in my inbox from a metaphysical healer offering a "financial freedom healing audio."  He is a gifted healer whom I've followed in the past and whom I respect and whose loving beliefs are genuine. The email didn't get opened, though; it got deleted.  And that's because I no longer subscribe… Continue reading Why I am no longer a “New Ager”