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What it means to be undefeated

We've just come out of a year that was called the "gloomiest" for humanity in over a decade... 2017.  The verdict isn't out yet on 2018, but judging by the news and social media feeds, the trend continues: gloominess mixed with anger, hostility, apprehension and anxiety.  I know these feelings intimately. I've been through an… Continue reading What it means to be undefeated

politics, spirituality

Why I am no longer a “New Ager”

This morning an email landed in my inbox from a metaphysical healer offering a "financial freedom healing audio."  He is a gifted healer whom I've followed in the past and whom I respect and whose loving beliefs are genuine. The email didn't get opened, though; it got deleted.  And that's because I no longer subscribe… Continue reading Why I am no longer a “New Ager”