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Small is good.

I keep seeing and hearing this phrase, "Stop playing small." In my business group, in memes, from "thought leaders" and lifestyle personalities, on pages geared toward women's empowerment, all over the place. And I get it. Women have been reduced by the world around them for far too long. If "playing small" means holding yourself… Continue reading Small is good.

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You are not my project.

I had a huge epiphany this morning about why self-proclaimed "social justice warriors," such as myself, are often negatively received by the people they spend the most time with. You know, the groans. "Ughh, are you talking about that again?" "Seriously!? How is there a problem with this?" The defensiveness. "Stop attacking me!" "I don't… Continue reading You are not my project.

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Now I know what feminism really means.

I turned 30 this summer.  It's something I had looked forward to since my early twenties; I hoped that, by the time I was leaving that decade, I would feel more grounded, more clarity, more comfortable with myself and my place in the world.  I hoped that maturity would ease my agonizing neuroses, that I… Continue reading Now I know what feminism really means.